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Orks and Mechanicum Commission Update #20 – Ursarax January 30, 2020

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Army building, Games Workshop, horus heresy, Mechanicum, mechanicus, Painting, StaticGrass Creations, Streaming, warhammer 40k.
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Finished the Ursarax for this batch. 9 minis, 6 of them with a pair of claws and 3 of the with a pair of fists. They all have blood on them, fresh from the fight. I made the ones with fists have a heavier splatter effect with pounding things to mulch might be a bit messier than chopping.

A great pick on the yellow scheme. The blood effects are easy to see and are very striking.

Ursarax Claws

Ursarax Fists

Ursarax Pair

Ursarax Squad