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Cities of Sigmar: Soulscream Bridge Scratchbuild September 4, 2020

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I am calling this half of the Soulscream bridge done! I’ve been working on this for a while. There was some planning and diagram making to get me the general shape.

It all started with a couple of laser cut MDF pieces for the frame and some styrene sheets cut for the foundation. The rest is Milliput and Greenstuff built up for the bricks and motifs. The pieces of Azyr floor is from the Large Base details set and the embellishments for old bits from the Empire and stuff from the Stormcast Eternals. I made sure to add some brick details on the underside so it wouldn’t be so smooth.

All I need to do it paint it fittingly. I will be going for magic forces moving pieces together, building the bridge while the spell is being cast.

Genestealer Cults Commission Assembly – Complete May 18, 2019

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An assembly only commission for now, and it is complete. Short and sweet for this force.

Genestealer Cults of the Bladed Cog creed. There was some kitbashing for the Brood Brothers, as well as magnetization and scratch building for the tank.

The new Leman Russ kit does not come with heavy stubber or hunter killer missile options (disappointing). So, I had to find some extra bits I had around and found the guns and missiles, but only one mount each. I used styrene strips and rods to make the weapon mounts for a stubber and a missile.

Genestealer Cults Assembled

Brood Brothers and Hybrids


HQs and Tanks

Leman Russ Turret with Custom Mounts

Custom Missile Mount

Magnetized Sponsons

LOTR Numenor Commission Update #2 – Conversions February 10, 2017

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The characters get shields, and two of the spearmen get banners and swords. The banners are made of styrene plastic. Time to base all of them.

Guardhouse of Reggie the Vigilant July 2, 2015

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Converting, Do-it-yourself, Terrain.
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My girlfriend and I decided to have a crafts day. We are making this cute guardhouse, design is inspired by a medieval structure.
Reggie is a lonely guardsman who lives attached to his post, guarding a forgotten river crossing in a non-descript grasslands. He maintains the guardhouse. He made himself a firewood stock shelter, patched up his door when it was attacked by a bear, and did the roof himself.
Materials used: cardstock, balsa wood, styrene, foamcore, random beads, and a plastic tree.
Phase 1 of construction complete. Next, we will be adding battlements on the tower, a roof to the connecting hallway, a brick road to the stairs, and dirt.






Anphelion Project Wardens Squad 1 March 26, 2014

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I have finished my first squad of guardsmen. These will be veteran Guardsmen riding in a valkyrie or chimera, ready to spew fiery inconvenience onto the Emperor’s enemies. I think they look fantastic, with the custom bases and converted lasguns, they will really look like something new on the battlefield. I also sculpted a little skull on the sergeant’s taser-axe baton, made me happy.

My piece that makes me smile here, is the sergeant. I kitted him with a plasma pistol and a taser-axe baton (CCW), as much as it looks like a power weapon it is not. The story here is that the Adeptus Mechanicus manufactured these taser-axe batons as a gesture of good faith to the Ordos Xenos for giving the go ahead in starting field testing the Anphelion Project research. Because of the near heretical nature of the research, the Ordos Xenos commissioned a whole regiment of Imperial Guard to help guard the captive Tyranids and to keep an eye on the Magos.

The taser-axe batons come with a backpack power supply that feeds tens of thousands of volts into the taser at the top of the baton. These are just made to stun the smaller creatures of the Tyranids to research for later (one needs the overcharged taser to make sure a hormagaunt is unconscious, even within synapse), and given to each of the sergeants of the Imperial Guard who are now representatives of both the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Ordos Xenos. The axe is used for killing failed experiments or other utility needs in the field.

This first squad is transported around in some vehicle and are tasked with flushing out prospective Tyranid subjects and burning corpses from field testing.

Some things I’m working on… April 27, 2010

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Ugh, I just couldn’t resist posting some of these.

First off, We have my favorite tank of all time. The Manticore. All the white is 1mm Styrene.

Next we have my first sculpt. Well, mostly sculpted. My Primaris Psyker.

And my latest. Still a WIP. A greater daemon of Tzeentch in mid transformation! The base is from Secret Weapon Miniatures.