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Orks and Mechanicum Commission Update #10 – Warbosses, Squigs, and Treasure August 24, 2019

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The next batch is complete. 2 warbosses are a blast from the past in the old Assault on Black Reach set. One is an Evil Sunz and one is a Deathskulls scheme. I made sure there are no red big Squigs this time. There’s a few more treasure tokens for Frostgrave. I’ve done a bunch in other commissions too, but one cannot have too many treasure tokens.

Treasure Tokens

Big Squigs

Big Squigs 2


Warbosses Rear

Orks and Treasure

Orcs & Goblins Commission Update #6 – Attack Squigs and Shaman January 6, 2016

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Almost done the commission! Just 1 model to go.

Today, I have 5 squigs and a Goblin Shaman. The squigs were great, a bit of variety, but very simple to do. The Shaman, like the other characters in the commission, was detailed and had a narrative associated to him. Little mushrooms falling from his hand and all the fetishes on his staff really show that he isn’t just some generic goblin. He’s a goblin that drugged himself up so much he became a wizard.

Just the mounted goblin warboss left!