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Focus Tokens July 5, 2011

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Army building, Painting, warmachine.
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I finished casting those focus tokens I was talking about a while ago. The Roll to hit Club execs will be getting 10 of their faction tokens. Plus, I’ve painted a test scheme on one of each of the faction sets.

Craters July 1, 2011

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Painting, Terrain.
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Done the craters for the good old Roll to Hit Club. Our first set of terrain (although I do have my own :P) isn’t it exciting?

Thinking of adding grass or something to spruce them up… maybe

Valkyrie + Club Batrep June 10, 2011

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Battle Report, Imperial Guard, Painting.
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Finished the Valkyrie. Has a nice glow effect in the cockpit.



Added in more glow to the cockpit. Didn’t realize the cockpit was that big 😛

The Roll to Hit Club at Simon Fraser University has finished our first filmed battle report. Warmachine/Hordes of Circle of Orboros versus Khador.