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Horus Heresy Space Marines, Orks, and Mechanicum Commission Update #1 – White Scars Leaders, Ork Boss October 4, 2020

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After some time in radio silence, I present the first batch of the next commission. This new commission will have Horus Heresy White Scars, Sons of Horus, Mechanicum, and Orks.

This first batch is two Jump Chaplains, a Psyker from an Emperor’s Champion model, and an Ork boss from Grimskull Miniatures. There are alternative parts like the chain glaives and jump packs that were 3D printed or resin cast.

The bases for the Space Marines is a mud/trenchworks theme so water effects are added to the mud and a lot of weathering to the armour. I think it puts them into the scene very nicely. The glowing fist and sword of the Emperor’s Champion will hopefully convey that he is a psyker. He even has a book.

Some things I’m working on… April 27, 2010

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Ugh, I just couldn’t resist posting some of these.

First off, We have my favorite tank of all time. The Manticore. All the white is 1mm Styrene.

Next we have my first sculpt. Well, mostly sculpted. My Primaris Psyker.

And my latest. Still a WIP. A greater daemon of Tzeentch in mid transformation! The base is from Secret Weapon Miniatures.