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Warmaster Bretonnia Army – Men-at-arms & Banner Hero October 25, 2021

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A second Men-at-Arms stand and another hero stand.

I just need to finish a command strip of the infantry and I’ll have a finished regiment! This regiment will have Polish red/white colours, but my other units will have different schemes.

The second hero stand that is complete is a hero with a banner. She is accompanied by a Winged Hussar with his own flag. I think this time, the two minis aren’t as obvious in their different scales as with the Green Knight. My headcannon says the cloth over the hero’s horse is pretty thick and makes the horse bulky.

I gotta say, I was skeptical on the paper flag print out, but having it attached and together with the other painted minis, I think it really comes together. My general is going to have even larger flags, so I hope their more intricate design goes with the rest of the army well.

Warmaster Bretonnia Army – Men-at-arms & Green Knight October 16, 2021

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Finished a bit more of the Warmaster Bretonnians.

The Green Knight hero is accompanied by a winged hussar from Pendraken. I went for the ethereal green like in total war warhammer and gave a bit of a glow to the Green Knight. I painted the Hussar in the traditional red scheme with a leopard pelt. I also got these scale paper Polish flags and attached one. I think the theme is starting to come together.

The first stand of men-at-arms is done. I plan on doing different cloth colors for different regiments, but this one will be in Polish red and white.

BFG + Starfleet Commission Update #1 – Terminus Est WIP March 11, 2019

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The first of 2 models. The Terminus Est, metal mini from Battlefleet Gothic. Some conversion work sculpting the maw and Nurgle icons on the back. Going for a demonic infestation centralized along the spine of the ship. Need some purple/blue to add to the unnaturalness.

Terminus Est

Terminus Est Maw

Terminus Est Rear

Terminus Est Side

Terminus Est Under

How to Paint: OOP Warhammer 40k Lelith Hesperax October 10, 2018

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After years of not filming… I have finally filmed myself painting a miniature that isn’t being made any more. How’s that for keeping up with the times! I want to film painting Warhammer: Underworlds stuff. Those minis are great looking.



Lord Arbiter Hexeris April 2, 2014

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I have finally gotten around to giving some attention to Hordes. I have to say, the models are cool, but what is really stopping me from fully immersing myself in painting those miniatures is that many of their line is in metal. However much I do like the weight of pewter in my hands, I don’t find it worth the pain and time it takes to protect the model from chipping or trying to restore destroyed work. Although, Privateer Press is getting better in changing the line to slowly plastics, which I find fantastic. This is also somewhat a reason why I haven’t gone into other game systems like Infinity and Malifaux (other than being a poor student with infinite debt). But fortunately that reason is quickly fading for all game systems 🙂

Painting day! December 15, 2013

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I had a painting day with the girlfriend. I decided to do the SDE Ember Mage and she decided to do an old Dark Eldar Beastmaster. She is definitely not bad for her first time. Maybe I can teach her and she will end up being better than me! :O