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Kingdom Death Expansions and Survivors Commission Update #18 – The Last of Us April 30, 2018

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The last batch. The last pieces.

The masks on display. The Storm Knight. The mighty Dragon King, all glowy.

The tiny masks are attached to a large KDM “I ❤ Poots” base piece with a little added weathering. The larger masks are held up like a museum display. The base is cork that is covered in acrylic gel, basically plaster.

Completion pics soon?


















Updated the glow from the markings to have brighter and sharper sources.


How to Paint: Beyond the Wall – Kingdom Death May 3, 2013

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I have finally finished uploading part 1 of this painting video. This is just a walkthrough of me painting the model. I am going to redo the audio for part 2, before I finish it off, as the sound of my fan screwed with what I am saying.

Kingdom Death – Beyond the Wall Painted April 25, 2013

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So, I finally got around to making a painting video of this sexy model. Haven’t started editing it yet, but I couldn’t resist putting up the initial pictures. I think this came out very nicely.

I wanted to stay fairly close to the artwork that the model came with. Cutting the knife in half, colour scheme, etc. I did some OSL, so most of the shadows are painted, but I think I would have liked a harder contrast on the skin more. I also added in some gloss varnish to try and give her watery eyes, since she is crying in the artwork. Too bad the expression on the model doesn’t convey the fear on her face like the artwork does. And, I need to work on how to do semi-transparent clothing (the stockings) 😛

Clowning Around May 14, 2011

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A part of the Imperial Guard commission is a clown looking guy that’s part of the command squad. I gave him a happy rubber mallet, and a face that creeps me out (I had to turn him away while I was painting so I couldn’t look at it :P). I also finished the commander and gave him a glowing power sword.