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Orc General Bust – Complete February 23, 2019

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Bust, Painting, StaticGrass Creations.
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The Orc bust from Blacksun Miniatures is complete. Super proud of this one going to Adepticon.

Originally, his face paint was pristine. But since I painted his scarring over the hand print, I got the idea to actually weather the face paint. Now he really looks like time has passed and he’s been wiping his face, not caring in maintaining the mark. Sweat (stain gloss) was added to bring more life to him as I wanted the narrative to be him in the field, working at something (probably something war-like). Lots of dings and scratches on his armour add to that narrative. Or so I hope.

The hand print is supposed to be the White Hand of Saruman, and thus the Orc an Uruk-Hai. Specifically, Lurtz. A bald Lurtz lol.

Orc General

Orc General Front

Orc General Close

Orc General Armour

Orc General Side

Orc General Rear