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Bringing in the mid-sized guns March 25, 2014

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Army building, Converting, Imperial Guard.
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So, I took a look over to my side and saw an unfinished sentinel, sitting lonely and cold in a box. I took it in and built it as I would build any of my models, but with more awesome. Like the veterans before, I built a flight deck base. Since it is a bigger space, I made the base a bit more detailed and dynamic. Not only could I work with elevation a bit more, I added a plug and cord. As if the Sentinel were standing around a recharge station of some sort. I think it’s a funny little detail.

I heavily converted the Sentinel. The legs are backwards to give it the impression it walks more like a humanoid rather than a bird. I added a back cover to the canopy with arms that are attached to a large gun. Parts of the gun are magnetized to give the options for the Scout Sentinel.

I think the best looking combo is the autocannon. It has an ammo hopper that I made from the multilaser cartridge. I found these little cylindrical beads that are about the same size as an autocannon round. They look fantastic as an ammo belt. I look forward to seeing this painted up beautifully.