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Para Bellum Conquest: Hundred Kingdoms – Men-at-arms November 4, 2019

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Finally starting to get started on these guys. Of course, I have a soft spot for the lowly humans in almost every game system. Bonus points if they are religious zealots and have access to fire or cool armour. I am not sure about the fire yet, but there are warrior priests and dudes in cool armour. Not these soldiers though.

These are the first stands of my Men-at-Arms. I had made the bases using clay or plasticard blocks, then I casted them in resin. I kept the masters, so the bases you see these buys on are the copies. It’s also a theme. I tried to make it look like a brick promenade they are marching/charging down. I wanted some variety, so I added some dirt patched and damage. The abrupt stop on the one side is actually going to be a water feature that my cavalry will be galloping through.

The scheme is inspired from the Knights of the Blazing Sun in Warhammer Fantasy, or bees.

Super excited to get my first game in.

Ranked Men-at-arms

Men-at-arms stand 1

Men-at-arms stand 1 Side

Men-at-arms stand 1 Rear

Men-at-arms stand 2

Men-at-arms stand 2 Side

Men-at-arms stand 2 Rear


Purple Tau Commission 2 Update #1 – The First Batch November 3, 2019

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Starting off this army expansion with a few different units. A squad of Fire Warriors with a couple support turrets, Sniper drones, and some weapons.

Like last time, all the purple and blue sections of the scheme have been gone over with a gloss coat. The contrast between the shiny and matte areas helps to make the different materials pop.

Fire Warriors

Fire Warriors

DS8 tactical support turrets

Burst Cannon Sponsons

Sniper Drones

Sniper Drones Bottom


Fire Warriors, Turrets, Sniper Drones

Orks and Mechanicum Commission Update #16 – Mega Armoured Nobz October 16, 2019

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More minis from Kromlech! From their Orc Mecha-armour line. The variants consist of buzzsaws, drills, claws, and big shootas. I separated the squads by doing different coloured wiring. I wanted to do different coloured armoured plates, but determined it’d be too hard to see the difference when I added the weathering.

Almost done!

Mega Armoured Nobz

Mega Armoured Nobz Squad

Mega Armoured Nobz Squad Purple

Mega Armoured Nobz Squad Grey

Frostgrave Warband – Minstrels of Brave Sir Robin September 22, 2019

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I wanted green uniforms for my soldiers, but I got a great bright green. A similar green to Sir Robin the Brave from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. So, that’s how I themed my warband. Shields and capes will have the chicken motif with the checkered background. They look great!

Thieves and Thug

Thieves and Thug Rear

Archers and Infantryman

Archers and Infantryman Rear


Man-at-Arms Shield


Apprentice Rear


Wizard Cape

Frostgrave Warband

Orks and Mechanicum Commission Update #12 – Painboy on Bike & Deffkoptas September 17, 2019

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A handful of Deffkoptas ready to lay down some missiles. The Painboy on bike is the Orc Chirurgeon on bike from Kromlech. A very cool mini to paint. Tons of detail, complete with the goofiness that usually comes with Orks.


Deffkoptas 2

Orc Chirurgeon on bike

Painboy on Bike Close

Painboy on Bike Top

Painboy on Bike Rear

Painboy on Bike Side

Painboy on Bike & Deffkoptas

Orks and Mechanicum Commission Update #11 – Boomdakka Snazzwagon & Treasure Tokens August 28, 2019

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I think this is the last Speed Freeks vehicle, the Boomdakka Snazzwagon. I did the inside where the pop cans are. I did them as Coke and Heineken cans. The bottles are generic coloured bottles. I am loving the OSL from the flames. Lots of character in the car.

I found a couple more treasure tokens for Frostgrave. The pentagram chair token, is such an interesting token. Narrative.

Treasure Tokens

Tokens Rear

Cans and Bottles

Flame OSL


Boomdakka Rear

Boomdakka Side

Boomdakka Snazzwagon

Everchosen Competition – Ahkelian King July 28, 2019

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Entering my second competition of the year (first was Adepticion 2019 Crystal Brush) the Everchosen Painting Competition from Games Workshop. The first round is done by vote at all participating GW stores. So, I entered my rendition of the Idoneth Deepkin Ahkelian King from Age of Sigmar.

The scheme for the steed was inspired by the colours of Mantis Shrimp. I went for very vibrant blue, red, and green. The King got gold armour, similar to Aquaman Atlantian soldier armour. His weapons were painted bone with maroon shading, and some gloss varnish for that seashell effect.

The part that was different from my norm was having clear resin and water effects. From the start, I wanted some of the mini to be submerged in water, preferably shallow ocean water so I could have that movement of waves and possibly some interesting scenery in the resin.

The rock is, in fact, a painted rock, but the sand underneath was sculpted with filler and then painted. I added waves to the sand for that underwater realism. The bubbles were both intentional and unintentional. I wanted bubbles to form somewhere, I just didn’t expect them to form perfectly from under the rock. Finally, the waves were done with thicker, sculptable water effects. Some parts were done in layers to get the movement of the waves and splashes of the tail more realistic. It was then thinly painted (so you can still see a bit underneath) to give the effect of water splashing and breaking.

– Don’t make a competition piece your first time doing clear resin
– white glue does not properly seal anything against resin
– do something with large open areas like the cape

Good luck and good job to everyone that entered!

Ahkelian King Close

Ahkelian King Side

Steed Close

Ahkelian King Rear

Crashing Waves

Bubbles and Rock

Ahkelian King

Orks and Mechanicum Commission Update #7 – Tankbustas & Bomb Squigs July 20, 2019

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A squad of Tankbustas and a bunch of Bomb Squids are complete. Colourful squigs where the only restriction was that none of them were to be red! These squids won’t be moving quickly. The Tankbustas have blue shirts this time. The next squad will have purple shirts.

Tankbustas & Squigs

Bomb Squigs

Tank Bustas

Tankbustas 2


Tankbustas Rear


Nob Rear

Orks and Mechanicum Commission Update #6 – Kommandos July 7, 2019

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The Kommandos are done! The squads are divided between the Red shirts and the Yellow shirts. They compete to see which of their chosen squad mates wear the blue jeans or khakis the sneakiest.

Red Shirts

Red 1

Red 1 Rear

Red 2

Red 2 Rear

Red Boss

Red Boss Rear

Yellow Squad

Yellow 1

Yellow 1 Rear

Yellow 2

Yellow 2 Rear

Yellow Boss

Yellow Boss Rear


Laser Cutter – Frostgrave Spell Tokens June 19, 2019

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Glowforge adventures return with gaming aids! As of this time, we have played 1 game of Frostgrave and really liked it. We plan on playing more, so I have started to design and cut out persistent spell tokens in MDF and Acrylic.

Loving how the Fog spell turned out. Made sure to make it as per the parameters of the spell. 6″ wide, 3″ tall, and 1″ thick. I went for acrylic for the immersion. May look into tinted acrylics to make it look even better.

The wound dials will always have a special place in my heart. Functional doodads! I made 0-9 and 00-99 dials, stuck together by the power of magnets. My tokens are 25mm radius half-circle, and will fit around the smaller dial. Could be used for stacking spells like Call Storm. I’m making the dial’s magnets all the same polarity, so I am hoping to make the relatively interchangeable when I start making different colours and types.

Frostgrave Tokens

Tokens Close

Behind Fog

25mm Wound Dial

Big Wound Dial

Dials Disassembled