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World Eaters Commission Update #11 – Destroyers/Assault Marines September 17, 2017

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Forgot to post these pictures from last week. A small unit of Legion Destroyers/Assault Marines. The first batch of troops.





Lorgar, Primarch of the Word Bearers November 25, 2015

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My first Primarch model is done! Lorgar, Primarch of the Word Bearers Space Marine legion. A Horus Heresy character model from Forgeworld. Incredibly good looking model. Tons of detail all over.

Lots of blending done all over the model. I followed the scheme on the Forgeworld website. I also did some NMM on the cloak boarder. For the first time, I added bronze to the skin tone colour. In the novels, Lorgar is described to have bronze skin, metallic even, like the Emperor. I added in the metallic to the skin tone and painted it as normal. Subtle difference, but I think it turned out well.

Next, I want Horus, Mortarion, or Konrad.






Legion of Everblight August 4, 2015

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Finished this half of the Hordes 2-player starter set. I already completed the Orboros side nearly a year ago, so it is about time I got the Everblight side done. Put them on standard snow bases. Purple skin, limited colours, simple scheme, but looks pretty good.

Kallus, Wrath of Everblight December 23, 2011

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I finished painting this fine model using a technique I always use, but in a different way. This time, I layered using washes instead of mixing or blending. I like the contrast in the metal I ended up with. So, these are the pictures of Kallus before I post up my tutorial video on how I painted him.