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Para Bellum Conquest: Hundred Kingdoms – Household Knight Sir Galahad October 14, 2021

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In preparation for a game I had over the long weekend, I finally made the time to base a bunch of my army and painted this Household Knight.

The scheme for my Hundred Kingdoms army is Knights of the Blazing Sun from old warhammer fantasy. So, bronze armour with yellow and black clothing and sun motifs. I added the red and white stripes on the shield as a nod to Sir Galahad colors. I plan to paint a knight after each knight of the round table.

Like my Noble Lord, I have this knight galloping through water. I tried to make it look like running water and move it with the horse hooves. I want to make more kinds of cavalry bases. Maybe some with brick or a riverbed.

Para Bellum Conquest: Hundred Kingdoms – Noble Lord November 24, 2019

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My army leader is done. The Noble Lord on horseback. I plan on getting one on foot too.

Going with my promenade theme, my cavalry will actually be galloping through water, like the Noble Lord. I’ve also done a tutorial for this guy!

Noble Lord Close

Noble Lord Side


Noble Lord Rear

Noble Lord

Kingdom Death Expansions and Survivors Commission Update #2 – Lion God, Lion Knight November 20, 2017

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More big baddies from the Kingdom Death: Monster line.

Lion God is exactly what you would think a lion that is a god would look like. If you thought like Adam Poots. I really liked what I saw in the reference pictures where some lanterns were going out and some where still lit. Implying that there are many victims of the Lion God still alive, and many dead.

The Lion Knight seems like your ordinary fantasy lion in armour, but in Kingdom Death, there is always some other narrative that sometimes appears in the scene. I like the concept that the Lion Knight is being worshiped. Hence, the unbloodied talons, and girls with gold masks at his feet. I tried to make the book look like blood was being used with it in some way. The clothing the women are wearing have a peach tone to them for that semi-transparent feel.