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Vassal of Menoth May 4, 2013

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Army building, Painting, Protectorate of Menoth, warmachine.
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Actually, I like to call him the Vassal of Jason. I’m finally getting back into my Protectorate of Menoth (Jasonology) army since I got some more liquid resin to cast more of my bases. I took off the Menoth symbols so i can replace them with my own. I also tried out painting on some nicks and scratches (still need to work on that).

Focus Tokens July 5, 2011

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I finished casting those focus tokens I was talking about a while ago. The Roll to hit Club execs will be getting 10 of their faction tokens. Plus, I’ve painted a test scheme on one of each of the faction sets.

Protectorate of Jasonology June 27, 2011

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Lore, Painting, Protectorate of Menoth.
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Painting up my Protectorate so we can do our battle reports with at least 1 painted army. I have taken all the Protectorate symbols off and replaced them with my own symbols. A little of the fluff (I’m still fleshing it out),

During the Northern Crusade, a contingent of Protectorate of Menoth led by Hierarch Severius and the Harbinger of Menoth  happened upon a town besieged by Cryx. Never wanting to miss a chance to destroy such abominations, and to bring more souls to the protection of Menoth, Severius ordered the army to assist the town. To their surprise, the Cryx army was actually retreating, fighting to stop a complete route of their army. The Menoth force came upon the retreating Cryx army, obliterating the rest of the warriors and jacks. After the battle, Severius led the army towards the town and the Harbinger told Severius she sensed a similar power to her own in the town. Not exactly knowing what she meant, Severius entered the town with some caution, seeing Cryx corpses and destroyed jacks everywhere. Severius saw that the people of the town had a certain fanaticism only seen in the eyes of the Zealots the Protectorate regularly uses. Eventually, they found a young man who seemed to have always have light on him, even in the shadows.

Fully armoured in what was similar to what Knight Exemplar wear, but with shoulder pauldrons similar to the Harbinger. He had with him a large sword that seemed to melt anything it touched except the man. But what was most prominent on the armour were the symbols, a cross with a curve going around most of it. He was going from person to person, giving thanks to all and reassuring those who needed it. They seemed to look at him with love and to seek guidance. Looking up, the young man gets up to greet the Menoth force. The Harbinger moves a hand so the force displays no hostility and to let Severius know it was not his time to speak just yet. The young man introduced himself as Jason and thanked her for helping them destroy the Cryx army. The Harbinger smiled and said, “You have a power similar to my own, Menoth has shown me that He gave this power to another being. But this time, it isn’t necessarily under the banner of the Protectorate.”

Jason replied,”Correct, Menoth wishes to accelerate His plans to bring all of humanity under His protection. But he sees that not everyone wants to comply to the ways of the Protectorate. Other ways to worship Him could appeal to a different audience.”

Finally unable to keep quiet any longer, Severius said,”That sounds like blasphemy, only the Protectorate can be the main steward for Menoth.”

Not looking back to Severius, the Harbinger said,”Hierarch, did you not see what this man can do when he commands the loyalty of hundreds? What do you think he can do if he had the chance to command the hearts of thousands, or tens or thousands? This is not about the Protectorate’s state of power, it is much bigger than that, Menoth Himself has blessed this man to essentially allow me to be in 2 places at once.

Before Severius could reply, Jason said,”A group of my followers created the Church of Jasonology. Those were the same people that organized the town into a defense that repelled the Cryx. It was that attack that I truly discovered my powers. This sword was just a regular broadsword, but when I used it, it seemed like it seeked out my enemies. It also melts whatever it touches. The Cryx warriors seemed to retreat before me, they seemed afraid of me.”

The Harbinger replied,”Hierarch, I propose that we join forces with Jasonology. Not to join us in the Crusade, but to help us with other matters that we may not have the resources for currently. We can have him lead his forces throughout the land bringing people under the wing of Menoth. As his force increases he will be able to assist us in larger engagements.”

Knowing better than to argue with the Harbinger, Hierarch Severius agreed and arranged Menoth warjacks to be sent to Jason as a gift. As soon as they arrived, mechaniks carved off the Menoth symbols and replaced them with symbols of Jasonology. They also started to reverse engineer the warjacks so they would be able to build their own. They also began crafting armour and training soldiers. Eventually, Warcasters were being found in the towns they traveled to and they were trained to control Warjacks and command soldiers. Even though The Church of Jasonology was blessed by the Harbinger herself, most, if not, all of the Protectorate of Menoth eyes the entire sect with suspicion. However, Jason, like the Harbinger, wants to see humanity saved, it doesn’t matter what others think of him. When he walks through liberated crowds of people or through the fires of battle, the cry is always the same,”For Jason, the Living Saint!”


Anyways, on to pictures. I’ve finished the Crusader, Repenter, and Kreoss. I still have a Revenger and a Heirophant to paint up, but they should be done by the next time we film a battle report.

Wargaming tokens June 15, 2011

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Yep, I’m making my own tokens. Well… “inspired” by Warmachine actually. I’m going to be making a few more different ones and then I’ll be casting these and painting them army specific.