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World Eaters Commission Update #6 – Dreadnought August 11, 2017

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Dreadnought shuffles along the road. All the weapons are interchangeable. Added blood to the chainsaw, and splatter to the hull. Dirt to the legs as well. I used my road marking stencil to help me paint the arrow and stripes on the base. The same stripes will be used to do hazard stripes on the door trim of the drop pods.




Display Dreadnought Commission May 14, 2017

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A single Space Marine Ironclad Dreadnought done at display standard. I chose Imperial Fist colours because I haven’t done yellow in a long time and it easily stands out. This was also a rare opportunity to use weathering powders and other techniques to make it look like it fit in the scene of destroyed urban streets. This was the first time I got to use my newly acquired stencils, being the street markings on the base.

The chainsaw has copious amounts of gore on it as well as a more-than-subtle splatter effect on the left side of the dreadnought. Almost as if the blood would be mostly on the side when it eviscerates people. The final detail was in the form of a decal on the Hurricane Bolter side denoting “V”. Whatever the viewer may interpret that as.

All in all, I am very pleased with this piece and had lots of fun painting it on stream for my viewers to enjoy. They loved witnessing the process and I loved explaining my steps and thought process to them.








Firestorm Armada Commission Complete! November 15, 2016

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Group shots! Such a diverse set of models. The Pathogen ships were nice to paint. I hope Spartan Games does more with them.


Firestorm Armada Commission Update #8 – Terran Big(ger) Ships November 10, 2016

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Finally complete these heavy hitters for the Terran fleet. Of course, due to white on almost white, no one can see the highlighting on camera. Next, infested ships and a Sorylian ship.


Dystopian Firestorm Commission Update #4 – Big Ships March 4, 2016

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This was supposed to go up yesterday, but internet was on the fritz 😦

Now, the support fleet of the Ottoman empire is complete. The dreadnought and its accompanying cruisers sit finished and pretty. The dreadnought was quite the behemoth to paint. Like the cruisers, the dreadnought has a cathedral on top of the hull. It makes for an interesting ship to look at and adds to the detail. Next up, Firestorm Armada!


Firestorm Armada Commission – Complete June 19, 2015

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Done this commission! I like to batch paint, consequently, the updates are fewer, but more is shown at once.

The latter half of the commission were the larger ships. RSN Battleships, Carriers and fighters, and a Dreadnought; and a Sorylian Battleship. I’m liking the RSN ships. I look forward to future Firestorm commissions.

Firestorm Armada Commission Update #2 – Destroyers and Crusiers June 14, 2015

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Completed the Destroyers and Cruisers of this commission. Just need to do the Battleships and carriers.

Firestorm Armada Commission update #2 – Omnidyne Dreadnought January 25, 2015

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And here we are with the Omnidyne Dreadnought.

Dark Angels Vehicles 6 August 7, 2012

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Dreadnoughts, and their plethora of arms. All magnetized for mix and matching goodness.