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Necron Lychguard and Ghostark February 8, 2016

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After many eons, the Necrons rise once more. Translation: I finally finished painting a few Necrons after a couple years sitting around.

The Ghostark was the subject of a tutorial video on how to assemble and magnetize a Ghostark/Doomsday Ark. I magnetized it so that you can take out each of the passengers, switch the prow with the orb, put in the Doomsday gun, and flip around the carriage and gun.

The Lychguard were the subject of my first painting tutorial. I need to do an HD remake with my new camera. The detail shots will be real.











WIP of Another Tutorial: Necron Ghost ark/Doomsday ark March 13, 2014

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After building and magnetizing this Necron Ghost Ark/ Doomsday Ark, I am finally ready to do a tutorial for it. Years later. I decided to go for the same scheme as the Necron Lychguard I did a couple years ago. I really like that scheme. It is high time I did more videos on blending. I need to practice more and really get the technique down packed.

Commission Day 18 February 24, 2012

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Finally finished! Pumped out Trayzn, 10 immortals, and a Doomsday Ark. This other half of the army will include 4 characters: Vargard, Imotekh, Trayzn, and Zahndrekh, 15 Scarab swarms, 20 warriors, 11 lychguard, a destroyer lord, command barge, a Doomsday ark, and 2 ghost arks. Plus, all the extra pieces will be shipped back as well.

Necron Commission Day 16 February 12, 2012

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Finished a Ghost Ark. 1 down, 1 to go (plus the other 2 special characters, 2 boxes of immortals, and a doomsday ark).

Necron Commission January 3, 2012

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The box for this next commission just came in today. A whole Necron army. Let’s see just how fast I can finish this, shall we?
Imotekh the stormlord
Trazyn the infinite
Nemesor Zahndrekh
Vargard Obyron
Overlord x2
Cryptek x5
Necron Lord x5
Destroyer lord
Prince Apophas (to be used to convert a cryptek)

Necron warriors x60
Necron Immortal x5
Fast Attack
Scarab Swarms x4
Deathmarks x20
Lychguard x20
Ghost Ark x1
Heavy support
Annihilation Barge

Monolith x2

Doomsday Ark