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Para Bellum Conquest: Hundred Kingdoms – Men-at-Arms January 31, 2020

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Finally finished my first full unit for this army. 6 stands of Men-at-arms marching along a brick road, trampling a small flower bed. No mercy when one is parade ready.

The command stand consists of the leader, banner, and a couple of soldiers with an alternate shield design.

Men-at-arms Squad

Men-at-arms Command

Men-at-arms command rear

Men-at-arms mooks

Men-at-arms mooks rear

Men-at-arms connected

Men-at-arms Marching

Relic Knights Iron Chef and Magnus Leopold October 21, 2014

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My Relic Knights are now complete. Iron Chef: Definitely not Solid Snake, and Magnus Leopold, my commander, are done. Group shots coming soon. Like the other models in my army, I gave them the custom base treatment and a good amount of painting time.

I decided to follow the box art for both the models. Iron Chef with the greys and Leopold with the shining armour. This was the first time in a while since I have done a non-metallic effect. I’d say it turned out pretty well.

Relic Knights Black Diamond painted September 23, 2014

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Last weekend was painting time for Relic Knights. Looking sexy. Did some OSL on the tank from the muzzle flash. I also have some water effects going on with the infantry. I wanted to go for more of a Starship Trooper vibe, but then they somewhat deviated from my vision XD. Finally, my little cat familiar (Static?) is Espeon flexing its power. I can’t wait until everything else is done 🙂

I think I will come back to the cat. I want the power markings to be brighter and more vibrant.