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Team Yankee Soviets – Objective Marker April 22, 2019

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I’ve always wanted to make custom objective markers, for any game system. This is an objective for my Soviets. I made all those little sandbags and made a swivel for the MG. The narrative for this is it is a small command outpost on the flank of the marching army. The officer is waving down someone off canvas. The brass rod is the base for a Soviet flag that will be flying or drooping.

Objective Front

Objective Rear

Mechanicum Commission 3 Update #3 – Domitar June 2, 2018

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The Domitar is ready to smash more Orks. Not much left of the one underfoot after the pew-pew and the squish-squish.






Mechanicum Commission 3 Update #2 – Domitar Progress May 26, 2018

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About 75% done the Domitar. Converted and kitbashed from Castellax and other bits.



LOTR Numenor Commission Update #2 – Conversions February 10, 2017

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The characters get shields, and two of the spearmen get banners and swords. The banners are made of styrene plastic. Time to base all of them.

Guardhouse of Reggie the Vigilant July 2, 2015

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Converting, Do-it-yourself, Terrain.
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My girlfriend and I decided to have a crafts day. We are making this cute guardhouse, design is inspired by a medieval structure.
Reggie is a lonely guardsman who lives attached to his post, guarding a forgotten river crossing in a non-descript grasslands. He maintains the guardhouse. He made himself a firewood stock shelter, patched up his door when it was attacked by a bear, and did the roof himself.
Materials used: cardstock, balsa wood, styrene, foamcore, random beads, and a plastic tree.
Phase 1 of construction complete. Next, we will be adding battlements on the tower, a roof to the connecting hallway, a brick road to the stairs, and dirt.






Bloodletters and Ezekiel Commission February 4, 2015

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Today starts off a new commission. This one has Bloodletters and a chaosified Dark Angels Ezekiel.

Bringing in the mid-sized guns March 25, 2014

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So, I took a look over to my side and saw an unfinished sentinel, sitting lonely and cold in a box. I took it in and built it as I would build any of my models, but with more awesome. Like the veterans before, I built a flight deck base. Since it is a bigger space, I made the base a bit more detailed and dynamic. Not only could I work with elevation a bit more, I added a plug and cord. As if the Sentinel were standing around a recharge station of some sort. I think it’s a funny little detail.

I heavily converted the Sentinel. The legs are backwards to give it the impression it walks more like a humanoid rather than a bird. I added a back cover to the canopy with arms that are attached to a large gun. Parts of the gun are magnetized to give the options for the Scout Sentinel.

I think the best looking combo is the autocannon. It has an ammo hopper that I made from the multilaser cartridge. I found these little cylindrical beads that are about the same size as an autocannon round. They look fantastic as an ammo belt. I look forward to seeing this painted up beautifully.

The first of many March 24, 2014

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I finished building the first 3 guardsmen of the Anphelion Project. I made the bases like a flight deck or a factory floor, inspired by the Secret Weapon Miniatures flight deck bases. I used a craft mat to make the grating and styrene for everything else. I also converted the lasguns to more closely resemble modern weapons. The strip on the top with the sight cut out, I found on Warseer some time ago and loved the conversion, so I did it here.

Some things I’m working on… April 27, 2010

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Ugh, I just couldn’t resist posting some of these.

First off, We have my favorite tank of all time. The Manticore. All the white is 1mm Styrene.

Next we have my first sculpt. Well, mostly sculpted. My Primaris Psyker.

And my latest. Still a WIP. A greater daemon of Tzeentch in mid transformation! The base is from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

Introduction April 19, 2010

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I’m Carl Graves, I’m a guy with waaaaay too much free time.

A little bit o bio:

I started Warhammer back a couple of years and have been keeping up the hobby ever since. I love the painting, modelling, and (although I suck) I love the playing too. Besides Warhammer, I make flash games for muchgames.com.  Other than that; I eat food, play video games, and sleep.

My Armies:

Tyranid – approx 1,200 pts of Tyranids (I don’t have a set army list)

Lizardmen – only a Battalion and a box saurus…most of which are still on the sprue.

Imperial Guard – a couple of squads of Cadians, and sentinels (as the bi-product of my other projects)

Space Marines – Ultramarines, the best do-everything-well chapter, a couple heros and junk.

Tau – My true pride and joy are my Tau Gue’vesa Auxiliaries! (aka Human tau)…Yeah, it’s just that badass.  I spend a lot of time modding up my armies, and the Gue’vesa Auxiliaries are my most ambitious project so far. Once finished the entire army will be made up of humans (with tau weapons, armor, and vehicles etc), although there will likely be a couple Tau units thrown in (overseeing the newest tau ally). I will post some pictures and updates along the way as my army starts to come together.

I already have a 12-man squad of count-as Firewarriors, and 2 modded battle suits.

What ima gonna be doing:

I will be adding posts about modding/painting/converting. For my Gue’vesa, I will be adding a battle suit commander, 2 more squads of FWs, and a squad of pathfinders with their human-ized devilfish (made out of Catachans… :3). And posting about it all along the way. I’ll be working on some other side projects as well.

Keeping you posted, Carlton