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Star Wars Armada: Republic Repaint – Consular & Squadrons January 14, 2021

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The repaints are going well. My next batch includes the second Consular and a few Squads.

The consular, this time, is painted as the blue version of the Radiant art title card upgrade. I redid the basecoat as blue and added white lines and other accent colours. I will probably use it as the Consular C70 for it’s fanciness.

I painted up three bases of V-19 Torrent squadrons to go with the Consular. I have been told they are early era Clone Wars fighters, but I still went with my white/blue scheme. There are a handful of leader cards of unique clone troopers like Oddball and Axe who have their own squad symbols. I did a little freehand on some of the fighters with those symbols in case I want to use them some time.

Alternatively, I painted a squad in reverse. The fighters were painted in the majority blue with white accents instead, like my Consular ship. I think this will make it seem they were specifically assigned to escort or are closely associated with my Radiant Consular. Adds more character and narrative to my army. I might paint another base like this for symmetry since I can see more Torrent squads in my future.

Only 9 bases to go!

Star Wars Armada: Republic Repaint – Acclamator & Consular January 10, 2021

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I am very happy with how the repaints turned out. I still have one more Consular before starting the squadrons.

I didn’t do any research as to if this scheme is one that’s canon, but I know that Clone trooper Rex and his army scheme is blue and white. So, that’s what I did.

The Acclamator was done almost completely with an airbrush. I redid the white and masked it off to do the blue. I couldn’t find any weapons anywhere on the ship, so I decided to sculpt a couple turbolasers on the hull. The Republic insignia on the bottom was sculpted on, and the one on top was airbrushed on by stencil.

It turns out the machine paint job of the Consular was quite messy so I fixed up the lines when I painted the blue and cleaned the white. I made the engine glow blue like the Acclamator, and painted all the guns and grey bits metallic instead.