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Everchosen Competition – Ahkelian King July 28, 2019

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Age of Sigmar, Games Workshop, Idoneth Deepkin, Painting, StaticGrass Creations.
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Entering my second competition of the year (first was Adepticion 2019 Crystal Brush) the Everchosen Painting Competition from Games Workshop. The first round is done by vote at all participating GW stores. So, I entered my rendition of the Idoneth Deepkin Ahkelian King from Age of Sigmar.

The scheme for the steed was inspired by the colours of Mantis Shrimp. I went for very vibrant blue, red, and green. The King got gold armour, similar to Aquaman Atlantian soldier armour. His weapons were painted bone with maroon shading, and some gloss varnish for that seashell effect.

The part that was different from my norm was having clear resin and water effects. From the start, I wanted some of the mini to be submerged in water, preferably shallow ocean water so I could have that movement of waves and possibly some interesting scenery in the resin.

The rock is, in fact, a painted rock, but the sand underneath was sculpted with filler and then painted. I added waves to the sand for that underwater realism. The bubbles were both intentional and unintentional. I wanted bubbles to form somewhere, I just didn’t expect them to form perfectly from under the rock. Finally, the waves were done with thicker, sculptable water effects. Some parts were done in layers to get the movement of the waves and splashes of the tail more realistic. It was then thinly painted (so you can still see a bit underneath) to give the effect of water splashing and breaking.

– Don’t make a competition piece your first time doing clear resin
– white glue does not properly seal anything against resin
– do something with large open areas like the cape

Good luck and good job to everyone that entered!

Ahkelian King Close

Ahkelian King Side

Steed Close

Ahkelian King Rear

Crashing Waves

Bubbles and Rock

Ahkelian King

Orc General Bust – Complete February 23, 2019

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Bust, Painting, StaticGrass Creations.
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The Orc bust from Blacksun Miniatures is complete. Super proud of this one going to Adepticon.

Originally, his face paint was pristine. But since I painted his scarring over the hand print, I got the idea to actually weather the face paint. Now he really looks like time has passed and he’s been wiping his face, not caring in maintaining the mark. Sweat (stain gloss) was added to bring more life to him as I wanted the narrative to be him in the field, working at something (probably something war-like). Lots of dings and scratches on his armour add to that narrative. Or so I hope.

The hand print is supposed to be the White Hand of Saruman, and thus the Orc an Uruk-Hai. Specifically, Lurtz. A bald Lurtz lol.

Orc General

Orc General Front

Orc General Close

Orc General Armour

Orc General Side

Orc General Rear

Stormsire’s Cursebreakers – Averon Stormsire February 23, 2019

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My entry for a local GW painting competition. The first time I have done this much NMM in a long time and I feel I have improved since my last effort. I still need to work on having a consistent perception for how the light is supposed to hit the armour, especially when I want additional sources of light to come into play. I guess I will just have to paint more!

I look forward to doing the other two in the same style. Stay tuned.

Averon Front

Averon Rear

Averon Side

Jessica Thunderhawk Bust WIP March 8, 2018

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Jessica Thunderhawk from Scale75. I’m working on her for entering Crystal Brush at Adepticon. So excited. Still trying to make the breasts not look so “implanty” lol.