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Frostgrave Warband – Minstrels of Brave Sir Robin September 22, 2019

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Army building, frostgrave, Painting.
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I wanted green uniforms for my soldiers, but I got a great bright green. A similar green to Sir Robin the Brave from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. So, that’s how I themed my warband. Shields and capes will have the chicken motif with the checkered background. They look great!

Thieves and Thug

Thieves and Thug Rear

Archers and Infantryman

Archers and Infantryman Rear


Man-at-Arms Shield


Apprentice Rear


Wizard Cape

Frostgrave Warband

40k Harlequins Commission Update 1 – Shadow Seers September 13, 2018

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Army building, Games Workshop, Harlequins, Painting, StaticGrass Creations, Streaming, warhammer 40k.
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Starting off this commission are the three Shadow Seers. The start of the checkered army. Will I go crazy? Stay tuned.