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Para Bellum Conquest: Hundred Kingdoms – Imperial Officer WIP March 4, 2022

Posted by Jason Bergunder in 100 Kingdoms, Army building, Converting, Do-it-yourself, Painting, Para Bellum Conquest, Streaming.
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This is a very exciting piece to show off my progress on. I carefully filled in and sanded out a center hole in a normal stand to make a mold of what I will be using for character stands in this army. I hand laid the bricks on this and magnetized the quadrants. Why do this you ask? To attach tiny furniture.

In Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings, the characters get their own stands like the unit they are attached to, but they can be upgraded with a retinue instead of taking on the models from the unit the have been embedded with. Some people put them in a regular base as if they were part of the unit, some people make display bases. I am making tiny furniture that represents the retinue that I can add or take off as needed. The first pieces I have done are a tiny table and a weapons rack. The table is going to have a map on it.

I also decided to go a bit further and try my hand at NMM, after a very long time not practicing it. I think my blends still hold up and the lighting is pretty good, but I am still encountering the issue of colour. I am never sure what I want to add to get the tone I am looking for. I want to go for the reddish brass I have for the rest of my army, but right not it’s pretty much gold. I think I need more orange. So far, i just have most of the highlights, the shading hasn’t been touched yet.