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Malifaux and LotR Commission September 10, 2015

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Army building, Lord of the Rings, Malifaux, StaticGrass Creations.
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I have finally gotten to this commission. It’s been waiting for my loving touch for a bit.

In the LotR corner, we have many on horseback. There are 2 more Sons of Eorl, 6 horseback archers, and a shield maiden (metal head), and a Great Eagle. There are also 13 native warriors that are in categorical limbo. Their bases say not Malifaux, but their bodies say probably not LotR. A bit of conversion work on them, giving them blow darts instead of shields.

I did get a bit over zealous and built the second Great Eagle. The commission only called for one… Ill just put down my glue and step away lol.

A single Nazgob Orc Great Shaman, an old school sculpt filled with character.

In the Malifaux corner, we have a handful of ninja Gremlins, a Slop Hauler, and a Whiskey Golem.

I have also tried out my new Canon T5i camera. So pretty. I have some work to do to perfect the shots, some grain to get rid of and some cropping to fix.