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Orcs & Goblins Commission Update #3 – Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? December 22, 2015

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Age of Sigmar, Army building, orcs, Painting, StaticGrass Creations, warhammer.
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I finished up 2 of the boss models in this commission. First, we have a Goblin King being carried around by his shield bearers, by Avatars of War. Second, is a Savage Orc Warboss from Games Workshop. I followed colour schemes for both models.

I found it interesting to do an Orc with that much flesh texture. Tattoos are an unusual thing for me to do as well! That was cool. I loved doing different skin tones for the Orc and Goblin. I think it adds to their character.









Orcs & Goblins Commission Update #1 – Ready to Prime December 9, 2015

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Army building, orcs, warhammer.
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Finished building the commission, mostly. Some pieces have been left to make it easier to paint.

All the models have been given round bases, rather than use their square bases.


Night Goblins & Orcs Commission December 2, 2015

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Age of Sigmar, Army building, orcs, StaticGrass Creations, warhammer.
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A new commission found its way to my mailbox today. A force of Orcs and Goblins. This is a diverse force ranging from Goblin Fanatics, to Squigs, to a bunch of Orc heroes. A good bunch of these models are from Games Workshop. The other bunch come from different systems such as, Avatars of War and Kromlech (I think).

Looks like a fun batch of models, I look forward to painting these!