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Anphelion Project Wardens Squad 1 March 26, 2014

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Army building, Converting, Imperial Guard.
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I have finished my first squad of guardsmen. These will be veteran Guardsmen riding in a valkyrie or chimera, ready to spew fiery inconvenience onto the Emperor’s enemies. I think they look fantastic, with the custom bases and converted lasguns, they will really look like something new on the battlefield. I also sculpted a little skull on the sergeant’s taser-axe baton, made me happy.

My piece that makes me smile here, is the sergeant. I kitted him with a plasma pistol and a taser-axe baton (CCW), as much as it looks like a power weapon it is not. The story here is that the Adeptus Mechanicus manufactured these taser-axe batons as a gesture of good faith to the Ordos Xenos for giving the go ahead in starting field testing the Anphelion Project research. Because of the near heretical nature of the research, the Ordos Xenos commissioned a whole regiment of Imperial Guard to help guard the captive Tyranids and to keep an eye on the Magos.

The taser-axe batons come with a backpack power supply that feeds tens of thousands of volts into the taser at the top of the baton. These are just made to stun the smaller creatures of the Tyranids to research for later (one needs the overcharged taser to make sure a hormagaunt is unconscious, even within synapse), and given to each of the sergeants of the Imperial Guard who are now representatives of both the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Ordos Xenos. The axe is used for killing failed experiments or other utility needs in the field.

This first squad is transported around in some vehicle and are tasked with flushing out prospective Tyranid subjects and burning corpses from field testing.

Bringing in the mid-sized guns March 25, 2014

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Army building, Converting, Imperial Guard.
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So, I took a look over to my side and saw an unfinished sentinel, sitting lonely and cold in a box. I took it in and built it as I would build any of my models, but with more awesome. Like the veterans before, I built a flight deck base. Since it is a bigger space, I made the base a bit more detailed and dynamic. Not only could I work with elevation a bit more, I added a plug and cord. As if the Sentinel were standing around a recharge station of some sort. I think it’s a funny little detail.

I heavily converted the Sentinel. The legs are backwards to give it the impression it walks more like a humanoid rather than a bird. I added a back cover to the canopy with arms that are attached to a large gun. Parts of the gun are magnetized to give the options for the Scout Sentinel.

I think the best looking combo is the autocannon. It has an ammo hopper that I made from the multilaser cartridge. I found these little cylindrical beads that are about the same size as an autocannon round. They look fantastic as an ammo belt. I look forward to seeing this painted up beautifully.