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Queen of the Night Bust September 28, 2017

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Ever since I took those master classes, I am on a bust binge. I look for them all over and I drool when I see what I want. I still love all miniatures, but busts and 75mm miniatures afford the painter a way to show off their skill and interpretive skills in a way that smaller scale miniatures do not.

This one is the Queen of the Night bust from Black Sun Miniatures. I got a bunch of models from them and you will see them slowly come out of the woodwork over time. This bust came from the Mathieu Fontaine airbrush masterclass I took over the summer and I am using the skills learned there on this bust.











World Eaters Commission Update #7 – Land Raider and Vindicator August 24, 2017

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Totally forgot about the Land Raider pics, so I am adding them to the Vindicator post.

The Vindicator got the weathering treatment and hazard stripes. This was my first time using tape for the stripes.











Firestorm Armada Commission 5 Update #1 – Aquan Prime September 3, 2015

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Finished the Aquan Prime section of this commission. 5 Manta Class Battlecarriers, 1 Heavy Carrier, and 2 Battleships. The carriers are done at a detailed level and the battleships are done at a tabletop level.

I got in a little airbrush work on the carriers to add in some smooth highlighting.

Just corsairs and Directorate to go!

Astra Militarum Custom Manticore April 29, 2015

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Another of my own models. This is a custom Astra Militarum Manticore tank that I made back in 5th edition Guard. Before Manticores were cool. I’ve been thinking of redoing my Guard for sometime now and have decided to go for an Armageddon Steel Legion colour scheme, at least for the tanks. At the very least, I want to make my guardsmen look like they’ve been painted by someone with some more skill than when I first started.

Downed Aquila Lander April 21, 2015

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After years of having this piece of terrain floating around, I finally finished it. With an airbrush. Absolutely love it. Where was airbrushing all my life. It was just intimidating learning a new tool, but now it appears very doable with these results. I have a custom Astra Miitarum Manticore just about complete that I want to show off as well!

How to paint Kingdom Death Chosen tutorial June 14, 2014

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Finished part 1 of 2 in this tutorial. This is the first time I have used an airbrush to paint a significant part of the model without using too much paint brush.

This pretty bird will be used as my Harbinger of Menoth in my Protectorate army. He had the same sized base and is totally sexy, therefore he is perfect 😀

Although I am quite happy with how the model turned out, the video is a different story. The audio is something to be desired and the brightness of the video is darker than I expected. I will have to do better in part 2!

Today wasn’t all uploading a video, I was also working on the Dark vengeance commission. Cultist pictures shall be up within the next day or so 🙂