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The Normandy Commission Complete *Updated* April 2, 2022

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Could this be it? The Normandy is complete? The detailing ended up being the red windows along the middle of the hull and the black lines all across the hull to make it looks like the ship has armour panels. I tried to slightly shade within those panels to make them look a bit 3D rather than lines I painted on after blocking in the main colours.

I added intake ports on the top and bottom of the ship, I assume they are some kind of intake port. Since they aren’t part of the printed model, I needed to paint them on freehand. Though I made a stencil to use for each one to make them as similar as possible. Hopefully they come out a bit 3D looking.

The stand is another 3D printed piece with a magnet in it. I painted it black so it might blend in with space backgrounds.

I was asked to add some lettering to the engines for some last details. Now I will be sealing this model for protection and sending it to its forever home.

Kingdom Death Board Commission Update #7 – Ballista & Shield July 16, 2020

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The last of the minis are done! These are miscellaneous models from the Iron Weapons sprue. I’m not sure if they even have equipment cards or whatnot associated with them.

Since they are Iron Weapons, I painted them similar to the weapons the Big Game Hunters have and made sure to make the iron cold. There’s some yellow to make the gold accents and the shield gets jade-like motifs.

Orks and Mechanicum Commission Update #10 – Warbosses, Squigs, and Treasure August 24, 2019

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The next batch is complete. 2 warbosses are a blast from the past in the old Assault on Black Reach set. One is an Evil Sunz and one is a Deathskulls scheme. I made sure there are no red big Squigs this time. There’s a few more treasure tokens for Frostgrave. I’ve done a bunch in other commissions too, but one cannot have too many treasure tokens.

Treasure Tokens

Big Squigs

Big Squigs 2


Warbosses Rear

Orks and Treasure

Orks and Mechanicum Commission Update #4 – Frostgrave Terrain & Goblin Standard June 19, 2019

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Progress on the commission. I think this is the last of the Frostgrave scatter terrain… and Goblins, now that I think about it.

Goblin and Terrain

Fruit Terrain



Goblin Close

Standard Rear

Laser Cutter – Frostgrave Spell Tokens June 19, 2019

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Glowforge adventures return with gaming aids! As of this time, we have played 1 game of Frostgrave and really liked it. We plan on playing more, so I have started to design and cut out persistent spell tokens in MDF and Acrylic.

Loving how the Fog spell turned out. Made sure to make it as per the parameters of the spell. 6″ wide, 3″ tall, and 1″ thick. I went for acrylic for the immersion. May look into tinted acrylics to make it look even better.

The wound dials will always have a special place in my heart. Functional doodads! I made 0-9 and 00-99 dials, stuck together by the power of magnets. My tokens are 25mm radius half-circle, and will fit around the smaller dial. Could be used for stacking spells like Call Storm. I’m making the dial’s magnets all the same polarity, so I am hoping to make the relatively interchangeable when I start making different colours and types.

Frostgrave Tokens

Tokens Close

Behind Fog

25mm Wound Dial

Big Wound Dial

Dials Disassembled

Laser Cutter – Brick House May 3, 2019

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Another fantastic addition to my repertoire of laser cut doodads and trinkets, a 15mm scale modular brick house. It will be the start of the buildings I am designing for playing in Team Yankee/Flames of War, 15mm scale wargames. But since I don’t have Flames of War, it will just be for our Team Yankee Games.

As usual, cut in MDF, I meticulously designed the brick and roofing patterns to relatively fit in the size of the pieces. I still have some work to do as the patterns sometimes don’t translate well into the laser cutter for whatever reason and it skips some lines.

The patterns are scored, the walls and windows cut out. I want to play with the power of the scoring to make the depth shallower. I want to be able to pick out the grout better when I end up painting this.

Looking forward to more iterations of this design. The next thing I am making is a petrol station and a Brick wall.


House Front

House Side

House Rear

Second Floor Open

Both Floors Open

Infantry in Window

Large Base Infantry

BFG + Starfleet Commission Update #1 – Terminus Est WIP March 11, 2019

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The first of 2 models. The Terminus Est, metal mini from Battlefleet Gothic. Some conversion work sculpting the maw and Nurgle icons on the back. Going for a demonic infestation centralized along the spine of the ship. Need some purple/blue to add to the unnaturalness.

Terminus Est

Terminus Est Maw

Terminus Est Rear

Terminus Est Side

Terminus Est Under

Laser Cutter – Paint Rack 2 March 3, 2019

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I have not posted my first paint rack, so I will do that in time. This second one has a ball bearing mechanism as I needed something strong enough to hold up this many paints and still turn smoothly.

This iteration holds up to 70 paints. I have put all of my GW and P3 paints into my own 14mL drop bottles or in 17mL Vallejo bottles. Either fit well. The idea of these are to make a paint rack that takes less of a spacial footprint than having the paint sitting there or on a standard stand that holds paint. For most instances, I think it does.

It does not look as impressive as having all your paint in rows on stands or on a wall, but it’s an ideal space saver with someone like me who has limited desk space and can’t put up organizers on walls.

Orc General Front

Orc General Bust – Almost! February 16, 2019

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So close to calling him done. I’ve been working on him for a bit, and only now have gotten to weathering the face paint. I will be toning down the brow sweat before the completed pictures.

Warhammer Underworlds – Iron Skull’s Boyz November 10, 2018

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My first warband in Warhammer Underworlds. Orruk aesthetics have always drawn me. But have never gotten an army. One day, I will get into AoS and start an Iron Jawz army.

I painted these over the course of 8 hours, speed painting late into the night, to have them ready for a tournament. I didn’t have to even paint them, but as a complete dunce at gaming, I should at least have e a painted army lol. Ended up not last, better than what I thought I was going to do XD