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Blood Bowl Human Team – Middenheim Maulers June 24, 2017

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Army building, Blood Bowl, board game, Empire, Games Workshop, Painting, StaticGrass Creations, warhammer.
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My own creation for Games Workshop’s Blood Bowl game. The Human team, Middenheim Maulers. I have an Empire Middenland army, so naturally I’ll have a Middenland team. I didn’t like the scheme GW put out for Middenland, so I changed it to fit it to my liking. My buddy that got the starter, gave me a few players to fill out my team and I added the Ogre. Not sure if I will get the star players that are coming out, but they do look fun to paint.

I think I will add decals sometime in the future, but the future is not today lol.











How to paint: Warhammer Middenheim Empire Handgunners December 15, 2011

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Empire, Painting, Tutorial.
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This is a painting tutorial video of 3 Middenheim Empire Handgunners. I use basic layering and highlighting techniques to give the models a tattered, yet clean look. I paint these models in an assembly line fashion, so I will be switching between the 3 models constantly.

Please offer suggestions on what models you would like to see and how they are presented (commentary, video, pictures, etc.) Thanks for watching!