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Wolf Guard Terminators March 2, 2014

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Painting, Space Wolves.
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I think I got these over the winter break… This must be my fastest turn around for models I get XD. I painted these in the generic Space Wolves scheme. Their load-out was somewhat random. I didn’t know what would be good on them and I didn’t have enough thunder hammers to give them all two, with a Storm Shield hat, and Lightning Claw boots; so I settled with this.

I also went back to the white background in my pictures. With the better lighting and non-textured background, I think it works better than my attempt at a black background.

Wolf Guard Battle Leader: Hodur Sturluson September 14, 2011

Posted by Kevin Hetmanski in Converting, Lore, Space Wolves.
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This afternoon I buckled down and looked at my assembled Space Wolves army. They looked very clean and crisp and I realized the problem! I didn’t have a very good “centerpiece”, something to call my own. Most of my stuff is just the builds you would expect out of the box, and I am usually scared to ever do some heavy conversion work for fear of ruining the model forever. So, as a man with a mission I buckled down to create a unique leader for my Space Wolves army.

First I decided to think of his backstory, as this is half the fun in collecting a Warhammer army. I decided he would be a Battle Leader in Ragnar Blackmane’s Company, as he promotes rash and heroic deeds of valor. As a name I decided Hodur Sturluson, based off of the Norse god Hodr and the poet who wrote about him, Snorri Sturluson. In the myth, the blind god Hodr was tricked by Loki into killing the beautiful god Baldr, who was supposed to be invincible but had a weakness to mistletoe.
I decided to run with this and had a daemon trick him into killing his good friend Baldir. Hodur battles the daemon and shatters his blade before the fiend dissipates into the Warp. Hodur blames himself for his friend’s death and has a particular amnesty against the forces of Chaos and rushes to battle whenever his company has the option to engage. Out of the shards of the daemon’s weapon he forged the shaft to his spear: Baldir’s Slayer, in reference to his friend’s tragic death.

Alright so I roughly had my backstory now I just needed to take a quick look into the Space Wolves codex and build a suitable Battle Leader.

Hodur Sturluson, Wolf Guard Battle Leader
-Runic Armour
-Frost Blade (Baldir’s Slayer)
-Wolftooth Necklace
-Wolf tail talisman
-Saga of the Beastslayer (for tough daemon slaying)

So I had my backstory, and I know his general equipment. With this information in hand I begin to build my tragic hero.

And here he is! From the get go I knew I wanted to keep him simple but instantly recognizable. The main way I did this was by giving him height, both with the base and the spear. He isn’t actually larger than any of his fellow marines, but through this perspective he just looks more prominent and more important than the others.
Most of the model was done by just swapping Space Wolves bitz with Wolf Guard Terminator bitz, the only out of faction items are the broken chaos banner he is standing on, and the haft of his spear, which is from the Dark Eldar Raider set. I chose the chaos banner to represent his hatred of chaos (and especially daemons), and I chose the haft of this particular spear because upon closer inspection it seems more foreign and alien to be in the hands of a Space Wolf, which is true considering it’s daemonic origins. The blade of the spear was simply made by cutting off a runic sword found in the Space Wolves boxed set.
Originally, I was going to give him an Iron Warriors helmet to give him an even more unique look, but in the end I figured it would have been too similar to the Vulkan Hestan model and decided for a head from the Terminator boxed set which shows a lot more emotion.

The Pack Closes In April 16, 2010

Posted by Brennan Harcus in Army building, Space Wolves.
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Kevin, your requested Space Wolves 1000pt army list, semi competitive:


Wolf Guard Battle Leader

w/ Terminator Armour, Wolf Claws (pair), Saga of the Beastslayer:   – 165 pts

Rune Priest w/ Storm Caller, Jaws of the World Wolf   – 100pts


Wolf Guard Terminators x4 w/Frost Blade and Combi-Melta x2, Wolf Claws (pair), Power Fist and Storm Shield, Drop Pod         -237pts

Wolf Scouts x5 w/Melta Gun, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Guard pack leader (w/ Frost Blade)    -138pts


Blood Claws x9 w/ Power Fist, Drop Pod     -190pts

Grey Hunters x 10 w/ Plasma Gun x2, Rhino    -195pts

Total: 1000pts

Kill Points: 8

Two very important principles that I had to keep in mind during the writing of this list were:

– To stick precisely to the design concept set out by the eventual user

– To create the most effective possible army with the models available to the user

Keeping those principles in mind I consulted with Kevin as to what exactly he expects out of his army, and what he expects out of his individual squads. He told me he was looking for a more assault oriented army that kept with the 5th ed theme of Mechanized Warfare whilst maintaining the gameplay style tradition of the Sons of Russ.

For the most part, he outlined his squads roles as such:

Blood Claws – CC

Terminators – CC

Grey Hunters – Mixed


Rune Priest – CC

Scouts – Rear tank Popping/ Disruption

Keeping the above roles in mind, I set about creating a list.

This army specializes in assaulting and overwhelming the enemy deployment zone and home objective. The majority of the force is held in reserve, with the exception of the Grey Hunters in a rhino. When reserves begin to arrive, this is where this army shines.

Wolf Guard Terminators deepstrike straight on top of enemy objectives or enemy hard points.They are armed with Frost Blades and Wolf Claws for tearing apart infantry, as well as a pair of combi-meltas for rear armour tank popping upon arrival. One is equipped with a Power Fist and Storm Shield in the event of fighting Monstrous Creatures. The Wolf Guard Battle Leader deploys with this squad, lending additional Close Combat prowess to the group with his own pair of wolf claws. The Battle Leader also comes equipped with the Saga of Warrior Born, increasing his chances to hit to a 3+ roll, as well as adding flavor and personality to the hero.

Wolf Scouts, when they arrive, have a 3+ chance of arriving upon any table edge the owning player desires. Even the enemy’s table edge if desired. The advantage is supplemented by the squad’s melta gun, that can be used to pop enemy vehicles hiding along the back line. The squad is also equipped with a power weapon to better aid in the unit’s role of heavy weapons disruption and busting enemy objective holders. The Scout Squad is led by a Wolf Guard, armed with a Frost Blade, to better aid in any assaults.

The Blood Claws will be deployed 9 strong in a drop pod, to be positioned on (or as close as possible) the enemy objective. Armed with a Power Fist, the squad’s close quarters capabilities are enhanced, allowing them to run down vehicles and infantry with a fair amount of ease. Accompanying them in the drop pod is a rune priest, with the Storm Caller and Jaws of the Wolf world psychic powers. The Storm Caller ability grants himself and his attached squad a 5+ Invulnerable Save for one full turn, necessary for the initial arrival and the firestorm inevitably waiting for them. The Jaws ability causes a lot of pain; I’m leaving it at that.

The Grey Hunters are deployed 10 strong in a rhino, and should begin deployed on their home objective. They are equipped with two plasma guns to dominate any short ranged fire fight they may find themselves fighting. Now the Grey Hunters can be used in many different ways. They can be used as a baby sitting force, using the protective hull of a rhino to effectively stay alive on the home objective, and forcing the enemy to bring heavier arms to bear on a most likely hull down and obscured vehicle. The rhino is a larger construct, so positioned correctly it can occupy the full 3” required to contest an object, thereby forcing your opponent to destroy the rhino in order to contest the objective (works sometimes). Alternatively, the Grey Hunters can also use the rhino to overwhelm any center objectives thanks to its mobility and the Grey Hunter’s short ranged firepower. As well, the Grey Hunters may use the Rhino to pincer the enemy between itself and your other deep striking units.

Fortunately, the list makes use of every model provided to you by the contents of the kits:

Total kits required:

– Space Wolf Battle Force

– Space Wolf Terminators Box

-Space Marine Rhino Box

-Rune Priest w/Power Armour  Blister

The Wolf Guard Battle Leader can be represented by the 5th Terminator in the Terminator kit. Requires only conversions.

The Wolf Guard pack leader attached to the Scout Squad can be represented by the 10th Blood Claw from the Battle Force. Requires only conversions.

Everything else can be used as is.

Best of Luck Kevin!    -Brennan

Wolf Like Me April 14, 2010

Posted by Kevin Hetmanski in Lore, Space Wolves.
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In my previous post, I explained a bit about the Space Marines but I only briefly mentioned anything about the Chapter I chose: the Space Wolves.

The Space Wolves are easily one of the most recognizable chapters besides the Ultramarines or the Blood Angels. What makes them so distinct is how different they are from other Chapters. They completely ignore the Codex Asartes(the set codes and laws that must be followed by every Space Marine chapter) so that they can follow their own traditions and practices. The Space Wolves use a lot of (you guessed it) wolf iconography when decorating… anything. The Space Wolves are a very martial and anti-authority chapter, they pride honour, loyalty, and strength above all other virtues and are steadfast allies to the armies of the Imperium(but they take every chance they can get to give the Man the one fingered salute).

The last thing you want to see charging at you.


The Space Wolves recruiting world is the death world of Fenris, among the top 3 most dangerous planets inhabited by man. The planet is locked in an almost permanent Ice Age, and when it gets close enough to it’s sun, the planet’s volcanoes buckle and tear the landscapes apart. The people of Fenris gather together in nomadic warrior tribes, with a culture almost identical to the vikings of Norse mythology(and the theme of Space Wolves). The tribes of Fenris are constantly at war with one another, whether it be for some land to live on or to get some women(What? You need better reasons to go to war?). Only a planet like Fenris could birth a warrior fit to join the Space Wolves.

Leman Russ

Every chapter is defined by their Primarch. Leman Russ was the Primarch of the Space Wolves. When the forces of Chaos scattered the still unborn Primarchs across the galaxy, Leman Russ found himself on Fenris. Leman Russ was raised by the enourmous wolves of Fenris, until his pack attacked the warrior tribe of Russ, who adopted him afterwards and named him Leman Russ. The Primarch eventually rose to be the King of this tribe. When the Emperor of Man came to Fenris, Leman Russ challenged him to three contests: drinking, eating, and fighting. Leman Russ won the first two, but was beaten in the duel, Russ pledged himself to the Emperor(although he blamed his loss on the alcohol) and he was given command of the Space Wolves.

After the Horus Heresy, Leman Russ disappeared after giving a speech to the Space Wolves at one of their feasts. Leman told his sons that he would return to fight Chaos at the end of time, the Wolftime.

There’s a brief look at some of the history of the mighty Space Wolves.

TL;DR : Space Wolves are kickass space vikings that have fangs and chill with wolves a lot. Did I mention space vikings?

PS: Seriously, space vikings.

Choosing the Chapter April 12, 2010

Posted by Kevin Hetmanski in Army building, Space Wolves.
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by Kevin H.

After a few years, I have finally decided to get back into Warhammer 40K. With a lot of encouragement from my friends(with torture the Inquisition would be proud of), the task is left up to me to choose an army, build it, paint it, and play with it. I’ve decided that my journey in this will be a great guide to new or returning players.

After reading a few of the Horus Heresy novels, I was set on the Space Marines. The question was whether to be loyalist or traitor. It was a tough choice, Iron Warriors are my favourite Chaos Marines while the loyalists had the Dark Angels and the Space Wolves in the lead. My decision making was purely out of preference, I didn’t search what was dominating the tournaments or who has the most cheese in their army. My decision was based off of how much I like the army, the models, the fluff, the codex. I recommend this sort of method to all new players, doesn’t matter how many tourneys you win if you don’t like the army you’re using!

Oh the choices...

Spess Mehrens!

Veteran players always recognize the Space Marines as the noob choice. The Space Marines (and especially Ultramarines) have always had that sort of reputation as the noob army. Don’t let this influence you! The Space Marines are the poster boys of Games Workshop, and with the amount of publicity and expanded universe material they get, it’s no wonder that they remain to be a fan favourite. The attractive thing about Space Marines is how customizable they are, from their paint schemes to their codex. Choosing a chapter or making your own is one of the hardest(and most fun) parts of playing Space Marines. Doesn’t matter who you are, everyone has a Space Marine chapter that fits their style and personality perfectly.

Sons of Russ

After weighing the options I finally chose the Space Wolves, they have a great selection of unique models and the fluff in their codex is just great. I couldn’t ask for a more distinct army. I’m sure the Dark Angels are a bit bitter at my decision, but I think I’ll survive with the Space Wolves at my back.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be documenting and blogging the creation of a fearsome Space Wolves army!