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Orks and Mechanicum Commission Update #13 – Dwarf Lord & Squig September 22, 2019

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Army building, Games Workshop, goblins, orcs, orruks, Painting, Space Orks, StaticGrass Creations, Streaming, warhammer, warhammer 40k.
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A couple stragglers I happened to remember. Dwarf Lord is done as a center-piece level. It’s still in pewter and the classic pose that makes this model great looking. I wanted to make the squig a different colour than the rest, so it is purple.

Dwarf Lord

Dwarf Lord Side

Dwarf Lord Side 2

Dwarf Lord Rear

Purple Squig

Purple Squig Rear

Dwarf and Squig

Orks and Mechanicum Commission Update #4 – Frostgrave Terrain & Goblin Standard June 19, 2019

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Progress on the commission. I think this is the last of the Frostgrave scatter terrain… and Goblins, now that I think about it.

Goblin and Terrain

Fruit Terrain



Goblin Close

Standard Rear