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Custom Muddy Slush Base Tests June 26, 2014

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Converting, Do-it-yourself, Khador, warmachine.
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Here are a couple test bases for the Khador commission that I am starting. I have been tasked with creating muddy slush bases for the army. I think the lighter base has the churned and slushy feel down quite well, but the snow is not as apparent as the other base.

My recipe for the mud consists of fine sand flock, Forgeworld’s Rust Powder, some drops of Secret Weapon Miniature’s pigment fixer, and a few drops of water effects (black paint as well for the darker base), mixed together. The snow is then added on top while the mixture is on the base, more water effects is added to ensure the snow is adhered to the mud. I am trying out different colours and snows.

The darker base uses a snow flock on top, although it makes the snow more apparent, it is not a realistic as the Crushed Glass variant for the lighter base. I will try a couple more test bases, see if the crushed glass works with the dark colour.



DIY Super Dungeon Explore Carrying case January 25, 2013

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Converting, Do-it-yourself, Soda Pop Miniatures.
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I call it,┬áThe SDE Transportinator. Complete with nigh-indestructible aluminum casing and girl repellant. I found this case and the foam at Walmart. Although, the foam isn’t as dense or good looking as the black foam and machine cutting that Battlefoam and similar companies use. This way, you get a working transport for a fraction of the cost.

I am going to add more pictures on the front to represent which expansions we end up getting.

There’s a lot of shoddy cutting and marks everywhere, but it works. It’s actually is able to hold everything we need to play (the entire starter set), plus 3 expansions (Fireflow Denizens, Rock Top Gang, and another Dragon’s Clutch), and it has a bit more room to fit another one.