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My Introduction April 13, 2010

Posted by scotlandgalloway in Eldar.
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After spending the last 15 minutes trying to come up with a good title for my first post, well I didn’t. Anyways, a little bit about myhistory with Warhammer 40k started back in my middle school days, pouring over pictures of models I wanted to paint and play with. While I loved all of the models so much, it proved to be my downfall, when I would start and army, then find another army I thought was super awesome, and I would jump ship. I went through Eldar, Tau, Space Marines, Empire, Goblins, back to Eldar, Wood Elves, and Bretonnians. Going thru a ton of armies and getting no where just made me lose interest, although the terrible Warhammer MMO may have also been a factor. So now, being away from Warhammer for 2 years I am back, and hoping to succeed with my Eldar force(although I really want to do skavens).

While I have only played a little, spending most of my time painting warhammer and not playing, and still not getting much done, I hope to enjoy all off the aspects the hobby has to offer this time around. So, I’ll be posting my army fluff, painting, as well as posting about what I learn about playing my army along with battle reports.

Off topic, my interests include Comic books (very much a DC fanboy), the old Godzilla movies, drinking Ice Tea, driving to work at 4am, Transformers, just not the terrible movies, Pokemon in all of its forms, as well as DnD (which unfortunately hasn’t been working out), and various video games.