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Introduction April 19, 2010

Posted by carltongraves in Converting, Painting, Tau.
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I’m Carl Graves, I’m a guy with waaaaay too much free time.

A little bit o bio:

I started Warhammer back a couple of years and have been keeping up the hobby ever since. I love the painting, modelling, and (although I suck) I love the playing too. Besides Warhammer, I make flash games for muchgames.com.  Other than that; I eat food, play video games, and sleep.

My Armies:

Tyranid – approx 1,200 pts of Tyranids (I don’t have a set army list)

Lizardmen – only a Battalion and a box saurus…most of which are still on the sprue.

Imperial Guard – a couple of squads of Cadians, and sentinels (as the bi-product of my other projects)

Space Marines – Ultramarines, the best do-everything-well chapter, a couple heros and junk.

Tau – My true pride and joy are my Tau Gue’vesa Auxiliaries! (aka Human tau)…Yeah, it’s just that badass.  I spend a lot of time modding up my armies, and the Gue’vesa Auxiliaries are my most ambitious project so far. Once finished the entire army will be made up of humans (with tau weapons, armor, and vehicles etc), although there will likely be a couple Tau units thrown in (overseeing the newest tau ally). I will post some pictures and updates along the way as my army starts to come together.

I already have a 12-man squad of count-as Firewarriors, and 2 modded battle suits.

What ima gonna be doing:

I will be adding posts about modding/painting/converting. For my Gue’vesa, I will be adding a battle suit commander, 2 more squads of FWs, and a squad of pathfinders with their human-ized devilfish (made out of Catachans… :3). And posting about it all along the way. I’ll be working on some other side projects as well.

Keeping you posted, Carlton