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What is First Founding?

In the Blogosphere, First Founding is a blog dedicated to the tabletop game Warhammer 40,000. First Founding is a new players guide created and managed by veterans as well as new players. First Founding publishes articles about list building, army building, painting, converting, theory crafting, and battle reports.

The First Founding was the creation of the original twenty Space Marine legions. Led by and created from the Primarchs, the Space Marines were the greatest fighting force the galaxy had ever known. When the primarch Horus betrayed his father, the immortal Emperor, he dragged half of the Space Marine legions into his heresy. Now the galaxy is locked in eternal war, and the Imperium fights every moment to ensure another dawn for mankind.

Meet the editors

Kevin H. has made his return to 40K and is chronicling  his journey from complete noob to worthy player. Kevin plays Space Wolves, and will be documenting his army building, painting, and testing on First Founding.

Scotland G. plays Eldar.

Brennan plays Chaos.

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