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The Normandy Commission Complete *Updated* April 2, 2022

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Other, Painting, StaticGrass Creations, Streaming.
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Could this be it? The Normandy is complete? The detailing ended up being the red windows along the middle of the hull and the black lines all across the hull to make it looks like the ship has armour panels. I tried to slightly shade within those panels to make them look a bit 3D rather than lines I painted on after blocking in the main colours.

I added intake ports on the top and bottom of the ship, I assume they are some kind of intake port. Since they aren’t part of the printed model, I needed to paint them on freehand. Though I made a stencil to use for each one to make them as similar as possible. Hopefully they come out a bit 3D looking.

The stand is another 3D printed piece with a magnet in it. I painted it black so it might blend in with space backgrounds.

I was asked to add some lettering to the engines for some last details. Now I will be sealing this model for protection and sending it to its forever home.


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