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The Normandy Commission Update #1 – Masking March 1, 2022

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Painting, StaticGrass Creations, Streaming.
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This is one of the larger models I have gotten the chance to work with. First rounds of cleaning was a lot of sanding and adding a bit of filler to get those striations as minimal as I can. After that, I primed the model in black and white, in generally the areas I wanted. There are a lot of angles in the design of the colour scheme for the Normandy, so masking was necessary. I did the black first, so now I’m masking that to do the white.

The scheme with the yellow splashes has more of a warmer white, so I will be going for that when I build up the layers. I have to admit, I made a mistake in doing the yellow strip in the front. It’s supposed to zig and zag, but I only made it zag. I will have it fixed after I finish the white.


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