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Horus Heresy Space Marines, Orks, and Mechanicum Commission Update #18 – White Scars Outriders Complete May 2, 2021

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Army building, Games Workshop, horus heresy, Painting, Space Marines, Space Marines, StaticGrass Creations, Streaming, warhammer 40k, White Scars.
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With the completion of the bolter bikes, the Outriders are now complete. They all have some sort of power weapon, I think they are going to be used as some sort of special weapons unit.

Included is also the Warlord on bike. He is the one doing a wheelie and has a glaive. I was also asked to paint some eagles and one of them is attached to a base. It looks like it’s going to be some kind of marker during the game.

The next batch for this commission will be some Mechanicum models, but they are getting prepped for painting, so I will be painting more Harlequins right now.


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