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Cities of Sigmar: Ulric’s Retribution – Vanguard-Raptors Conversions August 25, 2020

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Age of Sigmar, Army building, Cities of Sigmar, Converting, Games Workshop, Painting, Stormcast Eternals, Streaming.
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Originally, these minis were Castigators from the Soul Wars set. There was only 3. So, not only they don’t hit the minimum squad size, I don’t like how they play. Looking through the book, I found I like how the Vanguard-Raptors seem to play. I like the number of shots the Hurricane Crossbows have, in particular.

All I needed were the fronts of hurricane crossbows (plus my custom wolf ornaments) to make this conversion.

I cut off the crossbow limbs, set aside, and flattened down the front. Glue the hurricane crossbow bit to the flattened front. The limbs have ornamentation on the base and tip. I cut those off and glue them to the top and bottom of the crossbow, just behind the front bit. This will make it look like scales of some sort, just nice detailing to make the weapon for interesting. Any gaps should be filled with greenstuff or the like.

The squad leader is holding a bolt for the greatbow. But since she no longer has a great bow I needed to think of something else. I couldn’t think of anything to replace it with, so I added some Stormcast helmet halos to make it some kind of flare/torch/lamp thing.

They only need 3 models to a squad, so we will see if I want to make more of them.


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