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Sons of Eorl & Misc Commission Update #4 – Sons of Eorl June 28, 2015

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Army building, Lord of the Rings, Painting, StaticGrass Creations.
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Finished these twelve soldiers on horseback from Rohan, the Sons of Eorl. I followed the GW scheme. The freehand on the shields are from a stock image for a shield design. Just Eorl left in this commission!



1. Paul Lehmann - April 26, 2016

Hi, really great conversion, love them!
What miniatures did you use as a base for them?
Thanks in advance.

Jason Bergunder - April 26, 2016

Thanks! The horses and legs are from the Cavalry sprue from Conquest Games. The men and their weapons are from the viking sprue from Gripping Beast Plastics.

2. Dufour François-Xavier - December 15, 2017

Are those figs conversions?
If not, can u tell where did u find those models?

3. Dufour François-Xavier - December 15, 2017

I can’t find the reference of your vikings on the site, can u link them?
Plus, where did u find the cloaks?
amazing job!

Jason Bergunder - December 16, 2017

The Vikings are from Gripping Beast Plastics. A combination of bits and weapons of Hirdmen and Thegns. They are conversions insofar as swapping hands or arms to hold specific weapons and shields. The cloaks for these guys are from either the box they came in or Maxmini. Hope that helps!

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