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Firestorm Armada update #5 – Kedorian Cruisers December 5, 2014

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Army building, Firestorm Armada, Painting.
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Just 2 battleships to go and this commission is complete.

Today, these two Kedorian cruisers are painted to the theme “shining cities in space”. In my research, I came across High Charity (Halo), The Citadel (Mass Effect), various sci-fi movies and finally Doctor Who; Galifrey. Some of these space cities were dark and brooding, but the ones that fit the “shining” part of the theme shined as if the buildings were made of chrome or gold. This is where I stopped at Galifrey. Although on a planet, Galifrey fit the “shining” aspect very well and could be translated effectively to the Kedoarian cruisers. The Kedorian battleship will also following this scheme, but will utilize contrast to a much greater degree, giving amore powerful shining effect.

These cruisers also have bands of sparkles around the rim and the side spires. I wanted to give the effect of stars and other entities reflecting off the hull of the cruisers.



1. Jason - December 5, 2014

Brilliant work! I’m tremendously impressed with the look and effort. Beautiful!

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