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Lord Arbiter Hexeris April 2, 2014

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Hordes, Painting, Skorne.
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I have finally gotten around to giving some attention to Hordes. I have to say, the models are cool, but what is really stopping me from fully immersing myself in painting those miniatures is that many of their line is in metal. However much I do like the weight of pewter in my hands, I don’t find it worth the pain and time it takes to protect the model from chipping or trying to restore destroyed work. Although, Privateer Press is getting better in changing the line to slowly plastics, which I find fantastic. This is also somewhat a reason why I haven’t gone into other game systems like Infinity and Malifaux (other than being a poor student with infinite debt). But fortunately that reason is quickly fading for all game systems 🙂



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