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The Anphelion Project Starts March 24, 2014

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Army building, Converting, Imperial Guard, Tyranids.
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About 2 years ago, I got the Anphelion Project Imperial Armour book from Forgeworld. I fell in love with the concept and now I am making 2 armies based on it. They will be average sized, probably around 2k each.

Imperial Guard and Tyranids. The idea is these armies fit together as the Anphelion Project Field Test Contingent. The Imperial Guard will act as the wardens of the Tyranids as the Magos Biologis and his cohort research how to control the Tyranids using psychic beacons. They won’t be allies in standard games. The idea being the guardsmen are only supposed to guard the Tyranids and the Mechanicus equipment, while the Tyranids are being lead to kill the enemies of the Omnissiah in the name of research.

The Imperial Guard will be a veterans list all sitting comfy in flyers and Chimeras. Also a couple artillery pieces and tanks, we will see. I have no idea what kind of list the Tyranids will be. In both, I want to make the lists somewhat playable. So, we will see how that plays out.



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