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Dreadfleet and Super Dungeon Explore January 14, 2013

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Painting, Soda Pop Miniatures.
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2 years after buying a box of Dreadfleet, I am finally starting to paint the ships. It is my first time painting water. I am not too fond of how I did the disturbed water behind the ship, it looks like something melted rather than water. And as an added bonus, I am also starting on Super Dungeon Explore models that I got for Christmas.



1. thedauntless - January 14, 2013

Great paint job to start, and like the water effects too! Dreadfleet is a misdirected gem in my opinion! Having (just) completed the ships recently enough myself, I have to say that the game has a dubious rap for casual play but is well worth familiarising yourself with the rules to get a good game in now that you’ve cracked the seal! It needs practised play and maybe some house rules to shorten the time involved or the some of the game-changing randomness, but is worth the effort!
As regards the models themselves – minute work, but really satisfying to have a paint project that is entirely made up of centre-piece quality minis (not that I did justice to them, but you’re off to a great start!). Plus, it seems like you went for the the same first model as I started with – Grimnir’s Thunder definitely is the best entry to the set. I like how you’ve covered the age of the iron-clad and the water-effect is spot on too! Well done and good luck with the rest!

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