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Wolf Guard Battle Leader: Hodur Sturluson September 14, 2011

Posted by Kevin Hetmanski in Converting, Lore, Space Wolves.

This afternoon I buckled down and looked at my assembled Space Wolves army. They looked very clean and crisp and I realized the problem! I didn’t have a very good “centerpiece”, something to call my own. Most of my stuff is just the builds you would expect out of the box, and I am usually scared to ever do some heavy conversion work for fear of ruining the model forever. So, as a man with a mission I buckled down to create a unique leader for my Space Wolves army.

First I decided to think of his backstory, as this is half the fun in collecting a Warhammer army. I decided he would be a Battle Leader in Ragnar Blackmane’s Company, as he promotes rash and heroic deeds of valor. As a name I decided Hodur Sturluson, based off of the Norse god Hodr and the poet who wrote about him, Snorri Sturluson. In the myth, the blind god Hodr was tricked by Loki into killing the beautiful god Baldr, who was supposed to be invincible but had a weakness to mistletoe.
I decided to run with this and had a daemon trick him into killing his good friend Baldir. Hodur battles the daemon and shatters his blade before the fiend dissipates into the Warp. Hodur blames himself for his friend’s death and has a particular amnesty against the forces of Chaos and rushes to battle whenever his company has the option to engage. Out of the shards of the daemon’s weapon he forged the shaft to his spear: Baldir’s Slayer, in reference to his friend’s tragic death.

Alright so I roughly had my backstory now I just needed to take a quick look into the Space Wolves codex and build a suitable Battle Leader.

Hodur Sturluson, Wolf Guard Battle Leader
-Runic Armour
-Frost Blade (Baldir’s Slayer)
-Wolftooth Necklace
-Wolf tail talisman
-Saga of the Beastslayer (for tough daemon slaying)

So I had my backstory, and I know his general equipment. With this information in hand I begin to build my tragic hero.

And here he is! From the get go I knew I wanted to keep him simple but instantly recognizable. The main way I did this was by giving him height, both with the base and the spear. He isn’t actually larger than any of his fellow marines, but through this perspective he just looks more prominent and more important than the others.
Most of the model was done by just swapping Space Wolves bitz with Wolf Guard Terminator bitz, the only out of faction items are the broken chaos banner he is standing on, and the haft of his spear, which is from the Dark Eldar Raider set. I chose the chaos banner to represent his hatred of chaos (and especially daemons), and I chose the haft of this particular spear because upon closer inspection it seems more foreign and alien to be in the hands of a Space Wolf, which is true considering it’s daemonic origins. The blade of the spear was simply made by cutting off a runic sword found in the Space Wolves boxed set.
Originally, I was going to give him an Iron Warriors helmet to give him an even more unique look, but in the end I figured it would have been too similar to the Vulkan Hestan model and decided for a head from the Terminator boxed set which shows a lot more emotion.


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