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Massive Tau army commission July 4, 2010

Posted by Jason Bergunder in Painting, Tau.
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Like it says in the title. This Tau army is for apoc games. As it has a Manta (yes, you read it right, a Manta), 2 tigersharks, and a ton of vehicles, battlesuits, and infantry. The army consists of level 1 (table top quality) paint job, with the exception of Commander Shadowsun and her posse, Farsight, 3 Ethereals, and the super heavies. I also need to build a bunch of things as well.

I’ve already finished Shadowsun, the Ethereals, a drone, a Crisis suit, and a bunch of Pathfinders. Even though the suit and Pathfinders are level 1, I think they look pretty darn good 🙂



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