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The Pack Closes In 2 May 15, 2010

Posted by Kevin Hetmanski in Uncategorized.

My Space Wolves are finally built and ready for some playtime! I followed the army list Brennan did a great job helping me out with but I did make some personal changes I liked and/or thought was necessary. Here is my updated list, expanded from Brennan’s original Pack.


Wolf Guard Battle Leader

w/ Terminator Armour, Wolf Claw, Combi-melta, Saga of the Beastslayer:   – 130 pts

Rune Priest w/ Storm Caller, Jaws of the World Wolf   – 100pts


Wolf Guard Terminators x4 w/Power Weapon and Combi-Melta, Chainfist and Combi-melta, Power Weapon and Storm Shield, Heavy Flamer and Powerfist, Drop Pod         -222pts

Wolf Scouts x5 w/Melta Gun, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Guard pack leader (w/ Power Weapon)    -128pts


Grey Hunters x9 w/ Mark of the Wulfen, Melta Gun, Drop Pod     -190pts

Grey Hunters x 10 w/Mark of the Wulfen, Power Fist, Melta Gun, Rhino    -230pts

Total: 1000pts

The biggest change was upgrading the Blood Claws to Grey Hunters. The reason why I chose to do this was for both fluff and competitive changes. My Wolf Company is Bran Redmaw’s company, and in the codex the Company is known for two things: Redmaw’s Grey Hunters and the unusually high amount of ‘marked’ Space Wolves. Competitivly, Blood Claws and Grey Hunters cost the same, since Grey Hunters can do almost everything and have the superior stats, the only reason you would take a Blood Claws unit is to do what the Grey Hunters can’t. Blood Claws get 2 extra attacks on the charge and can take up to 15 models, in order for me to have any reason to take BC over GH, I would need to field 15 and make sure that I get the charge on the enemy. I wanted to keep my force mobile and didn’t want to have 15 Space Wolves foot slogging across the field and didn’t have the point to get a Land Raider. The switch to Grey Hunters seemed a more reliable choice.

The second biggest changes I made was to the Wolf Guard. I really wanted them to be a take all comers unit and I think it really succeeds in that there’s no problem this unit couldn’t handle. The fists and combi-meltas for tankbusting, the power swords for heavy infantry, and the heavy flamer for light infantry. With Saga of the Beastslayer on the Wolf Guard Battle Leader and a Storm Shield in the group, this unit could charge the worst situation and come out looking good.

A few other minor changes here and there. Please critique and give suggestions in the comments below. Anyways, it looks like a really fun list and I’ll be sure to post up pictures and battle reports soon.




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