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Wolf Like Me April 14, 2010

Posted by Kevin Hetmanski in Lore, Space Wolves.
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In my previous post, I explained a bit about the Space Marines but I only briefly mentioned anything about the Chapter I chose: the Space Wolves.

The Space Wolves are easily one of the most recognizable chapters besides the Ultramarines or the Blood Angels. What makes them so distinct is how different they are from other Chapters. They completely ignore the Codex Asartes(the set codes and laws that must be followed by every Space Marine chapter) so that they can follow their own traditions and practices. The Space Wolves use a lot of (you guessed it) wolf iconography when decorating… anything. The Space Wolves are a very martial and anti-authority chapter, they pride honour, loyalty, and strength above all other virtues and are steadfast allies to the armies of the Imperium(but they take every chance they can get to give the Man the one fingered salute).

The last thing you want to see charging at you.


The Space Wolves recruiting world is the death world of Fenris, among the top 3 most dangerous planets inhabited by man. The planet is locked in an almost permanent Ice Age, and when it gets close enough to it’s sun, the planet’s volcanoes buckle and tear the landscapes apart. The people of Fenris gather together in nomadic warrior tribes, with a culture almost identical to the vikings of Norse mythology(and the theme of Space Wolves). The tribes of Fenris are constantly at war with one another, whether it be for some land to live on or to get some women(What? You need better reasons to go to war?). Only a planet like Fenris could birth a warrior fit to join the Space Wolves.

Leman Russ

Every chapter is defined by their Primarch. Leman Russ was the Primarch of the Space Wolves. When the forces of Chaos scattered the still unborn Primarchs across the galaxy, Leman Russ found himself on Fenris. Leman Russ was raised by the enourmous wolves of Fenris, until his pack attacked the warrior tribe of Russ, who adopted him afterwards and named him Leman Russ. The Primarch eventually rose to be the King of this tribe. When the Emperor of Man came to Fenris, Leman Russ challenged him to three contests: drinking, eating, and fighting. Leman Russ won the first two, but was beaten in the duel, Russ pledged himself to the Emperor(although he blamed his loss on the alcohol) and he was given command of the Space Wolves.

After the Horus Heresy, Leman Russ disappeared after giving a speech to the Space Wolves at one of their feasts. Leman told his sons that he would return to fight Chaos at the end of time, the Wolftime.

There’s a brief look at some of the history of the mighty Space Wolves.

TL;DR : Space Wolves are kickass space vikings that have fangs and chill with wolves a lot. Did I mention space vikings?

PS: Seriously, space vikings.


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