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Sanity is for the Weak April 13, 2010

Posted by Brennan Harcus in Chaos Space Marines.
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Hi, I’m Brennan Harcus

I’m a 40k buff, Interactive Arts and Technology major at SFU Surrey, and my likes include laughter, walks on the beach, and tearing apart the pitiful Imperium of Man.

I’m also the founder of JH40k, meaning Johnston Heights 40,000: A Warhammer club created back in high school. However, it is my intent to continue the legacy into University, where I will create SFU’s first wargaming collective.

As for armies played,

Chaos Space Marines (Raven Host) – 2000pts

Eldar – 750pts (looking to sell)

Necrons – 1300pts

looking to do 1000pts tourney lists of Daemons and Blood Angels

Hope to meet all of you, and watch for the Raven Host in the future! 😉



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